2017 Road Trip - Day 7: Drive to Montana and Glacier National Park

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Not many notable things happened today, as most of our time was spent on the road.

I had another breakfast burrito from the cafe at our hotel; the traditional American one this time, which could have still used some kind of sauce but not as urgently as the Mexican one from yesterday.

We stopped for lunch at the Stray Bullet in Ovando, MT, which was extremely and surprisingly good. I had my second breakfast burrito of the day, and an absolutely delicious piece of apple pie for dessert.

We arrived in Kalispell, MT at 5pm, and the first thing we did was peruse a sporting goods shop and an art shop while my oil was being replaced a few doors down. After checking into our hotel, we then headed to Glacier National Park to spend the final hours of sunlight in McDonald Lake. The sun was behind the mountain when we arrived; the water was nearly unbearably frigid, but it was undoubtedly beautiful.

As dusk was setting in we returned to our hotel to change and ate dinner at a hip joint downtown named 806 Bar and Grill minutes before they closed, certainly causing the staff to hate us. I had elk empanadas which were interesting and reminiscent of lamb. Afterward we stopped for ice cream at a local shop with homemade flavors; I had huckleberry and orange cardamom, both delicious. We then returned to our hotel for a much-needed early night after a string of late arrivals and early departures.

Tomorrow we'll be spending the entire day in Glacier, glad to spend some time outside after sitting in the car so much lately.