2017 Road Trip - Day 9: Drive to Medora

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Today was 80% driving, so there isn't really much to record.

We stopped for breakfast at the Panther Cafe, which seemed like the only restaurant in the little town as it had a full menu for all three meals as well as smoothies, ice cream, and brownies. I ordered the traditional ham breakfast; the ham steak was massive and delicious and the owner was delightful. Great place.

Eight hours later we arrived at our destination, Medora, ND. The city was recommended to me by a coworker as a neat little tourist town with a daily show and nightly musical, and as a bonus it is mere feet away from Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Our package included a room, two tickets to the show A Teddy Roosevelt Salute to Medora, two meal vouchers for pitchfork steaks, two tickets to the nightly Medora Musical, and a $40 gift card to a small selection of the local establishments. We entered the small town at 5 o'clock, and after checking in and receiving our tickets and room key we had about 45 minutes to spend roaming the streets and spending our gift card until it was time to eat and see the musical. Most of the museums and attractions closed at five, but we purchased a pound of fudge and a shirt and then headed up the hill.

The food was not bad, the pitchfork steak was tough and chewy and the buffet selection was sparse. I was hungry because we skipped lunch, so I was not complaining. The musical was mostly great. A few of the country and religious numbers I could have done without, but the performers were talented and enthusiastic. I enjoyed myself, I'm grateful for the recommendation and echo it as well.

After the musical we headed back to our room and ate some of the fudge we purchased, a much-needed early night.

Tomorrow we'll be visiting Teddy National Park for a few hours, stopping back in Medora to visit some of the establishments that we missed today, and then driving 12 hours homeward.