2017 Road Trip - Day 10: Theodore Roosevelt National Park and drive home

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Once again, today is going to be a whole lot of driving so there isn't going to be very much to say.

After a run to attempt to dig myself out of pit of calories I consumed the past week, we checked out around 7 and entered the south section of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The morning air was filled with a thick fog, making it impossible to admire anything further than 10 yards away. The fog created a unique, dreamlike atmosphere, in which we spotted deer, turkeys, prairie dogs, and completed a short path to a viewpoint of milky whiteness.

We continued along the road through the park, and before long we pushed through the fog into a crisp and clear view of the North Dakota badlands. Upon passing a cliffside, we were mere feet from a bison who was laying in the dirt behind the outcropping. We stopped and watched him lay, roll over, and eventually stand for minutes before leaving him alone.

We continued to the Coal Vein trail, which we planned on taking, but the passenger car power window had stopped working and we were unable to roll it up. I didn't want to walk so far from the car with an open window and most of my earthly belongings inside, so we left hoping the window would decide to work later. We continued along the road to the Wind Canyon trailhead, where we tried banging on the door and forcing the window to shut with no success.

Since we couldn't leave the car to hike, we returned to Medora where we had breakfast at the Farmhouse Cafe. I again had over-easy eggs, hashbrowns, and ham, with french toast instead of the regular. The ham wasn't as good as yesterday's, but the french toast was tasty and their homemade maple and chocolate syrups were delicious. A great way to penultimately conclude my vacation from healthy eating and daily exercise.

Back at the car, I checked the wires between the car and door in a last-ditch attempt to get the window to close. Pulling off the rubber hose that covers the bundle of wires, I was greeted by a single broken one in the bunch. Closing the connection did the trick and the power window motor responded immediately, freeing us from our bondage to the car with our belongings.

We left the town and headed eastward on the highway, toward the Painted Canyon entrance to Teddy Park. We stopped briefly at the Visitor's Center and its bathrooms, looked out at the Painted Canyon and surrounding badlands, and we reentered the single interstate leading directly home which we'll be on for over 12 hours today.

We'll likely be stopping somewhere in the Twin Cities for dinner on the way. If it's worth remembering I'll update this post with details.

A slightly anticlimactic finale, but a great vacation and a fun road trip. I don't mind driving, but it wastes a lot of time so next year I might take a plane instead. Too early to think about that now.