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Firewatch came out today.

It’s my absolute favorite kind of game, a stylized, realistic, immersive, beautiful, story and character-driven, first person adventurer. It’s nearly perfect in that regard, the world is very pretty and the dialogue is both very well written and excellently executed.

Basically, it’s everything good about a great horror game, and without the bad parts (the horror). Though the game definitely has a few unsettling bits, they’re not overwhelming. They made me want to continue playing, where typical unnerving segments in horror games usually make me want to stop.

It was very good, I enjoyed it a lot. There is one game in recent memory that it feels very similar to: Gone Home, another extremely good realistic atmospheric exploration game. Play both of them, they’re both great.

If you for some reason want to watch my playthrough, I streamed it on Twitch and have uploaded the recording to YouTube.